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Susan Nelson, from Timeless Italy Travels, had been one of my clients and she then wrote an article about me: have a look!


Thank you for two informative tours of your area. Your love of your home comes through. I enjoyed you and the tour immensely.

Dee, Richmond, USA

Very engaging!! She makes history come to life!

Claire, University of Oklahoma, USA

Sandra was just fantastic. ...and
gorgeous! !!!!!!!! She was very informative and patient I would recommend her to anyone wanting a fabulous tour!!!!!

Julie, Melbourne, Australia

Sandra Giusti is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic tour guide. If you will be in Arezzo or Florence I highly recommend you contact her for a memorable experience

Susan, Portland, USA

Meeting with a tour guide like Sandra really adds the depth and recommendations that is impossible to find on ones own. I highly recommend it!

Carl, Portland, USA

It is always a pleasure working with Sandra! My company has traveled with Sandra in the past on a Piero della Francesca-themed trip.

In August/September of this year, I had the opportunity to work with Sandra in Arezzo, Sansepolcro, Monterchi, and Florence! Sandra is not only a kind and strong leader of our groups, but also incredibly knowledgable about the region she guides in. Sandra's years of studying to be a guide clearly shine through as she teaches our groups so much. Highlights of our time with Sandra include: her captivating description of the Capella Bacci frescoes in Basilica di San Francesco (Arezzo); the incredible lunch recommendation for Osteria dei Mercanti (Arezzo); the lesser-visited corners of Santa Croce church that Sandra brought to life, including the story of the restored Cimabue crucifex (Florence); and every moment walking through the busy streets between these visits!

Thank you, Sandra, for your patience and wisdom. I can't wait to see you again in Italy!

Francesca, Washington DC, USA

OU Musical Theatre LOVED Sandra!!! She was fun, informative, engaging, and very passionate! 5 Stars!!

Joseph, University of Oklahoma, USA

I spent an incredible day with Sandra in Florence. I booked a private tour in Florence so that I could see the best of Florence without the hustle and bustle of a group tour. Sandra was fantastic, friendly and made the most out of our day. She navigated through the crowds to see the most important pieces in the galleries and gave me all the background so that I could appreciate the incredible art and culture of Florence. Spending the day with Sandra was just delightful! Sandra also gave me suggestions of other sights in Florence to see during my stay. Thanks for making my trip to Florence so wonderful and thanks again for the birthday treat!!!

Ana, Dallas, USA

Sandra gave my study abroad group an amazing tour of Arezzo and the Bacci Chapel! One of the best tour guides I’ve had in Italy.

Katy, University of Oklahoma, USA

Excellent guide!! She was so informative & sweet and kept us all very entertained the entire tour

Erin, University of Oklahoma, USA

I met Sandra Giusti a few weeks ago in Arezzo and I can honestly say she is one of the warmest, most charming, and knowledgeable tour guides I've ever encountered. Our tour of the town was greatly enhanced by Sandra's wonderful ability to bring the history and culture of Arezzo to life, and she quickly had us engaged for an exciting couple of hours. We know we have made a very dear friend in that short amount of time. I highly recommend Sandra!

Susan & Carl, USA

Ciao Sandra, John & I have talked about our great tour with you several times. You are very knowledgeable as well as fun! We really appreciated your work to get us “behind the scenes” of notable sights like the paintings of Piero Della Francesca.

Sandy & John, Norman, USA

This guided tour was fantastic! Very informative and sweet tour guide!

Alex, University of Oklahoma, USA

Sandra, What a wonderful tour of Cortona we had through your eyes, voice and mind. Thank you for a wonderful day. You are extremely knowledgeable and so sweet we hated for it to end. Thank you for making our time in Cortona not only informative, but also memorable and enjoyable.

Rozanne, Mayfield Heights, Ohio, USA

Sandra made all the difference for us with a tour through Arezzo! She is engaging, knowledgeable, fun, and enthusiastic about her hometown. We left enriched and inspired with a good knowledge of the intriguing history and art of the old medieval town. In addition, we met a local artisan, a woodcarver, in his little shop who had been working there for 40 years. Sandra is one of the best tour guide experiences we've had.Thank you, Sandra!!

Susan, USA - Timeless Italy Travels

Sandra is a fantastic tour guide! She gave us (4 adults) a memorable walking tour of Arezzo. It was the highlight of our trip! Her tour was filled with historical information, interesting stories, and fun facts that kept us entertained the entire tour. She is very personal, friendly, easy to understand, and a joy to be around. She even helped us get a table for lunch at a restaurant after the tour. We were talking about her tour for the rest of our trip, we had such a good time! Highly recommended. We plan to book a tour with her again!

Jessica, University of Missouri, USA

Sandra Giusti is one of the best guide around Florence very knowledgeable, interesting and entertaining.

Charles, Manchester, UK

Sandra is an excellent guide! She knows the culture and history of Arezzo very well, and she's both to be engaging and informative on her tours. She guided several tours for my group (a walking tour of the city of Arezzo, the Casa Bruschi museum, and the della Francesca frescoes). She balances historical information with fun tidbits and humor very well, and I felt engaged for the entirety of the tours she led. If you want a guide to Arezzo, Sandra is your best bet.

Sarah, University of Oklahoma, USA

On Saturday, June 24, 2017, Sandra was unforgettable as the Arezzo Guide for our group, Florence Summer Dance! Not only was she incredibly knowledgeable. She managed to present her considerable body of information with a "human"... and often humorous... patina, instead of just stringing together a long list of "dry" facts! We were so fortunate to have experienced her persona, as well as her expertise!

Roni, L.A., USA

Phenomenal. Inspiring. Knowledgeable. Surprise was better than expected. She completely undersold it

Mark, University of Oklahoma, USA

Sandra was so kind & so informative! She really helped me understand and grasp more of the culture of the town of Arezzo!

Kevin, University of Oklahoma, USA

You're the best guide we've ever had!

PLC group, University of Oklahoma, USA

Terrific tour!!!

Danielle, San Francisco

This is the second time that I have had the pleasure of having Sandra do a tour of the San Francesco Frescas for our students at the OU Arezzo campus. She is very knowledgeable and her passion about the subject and Arezzo is quite clear. She was very helpful and excited to answer student questions.

Theresa, University of Oklahoma, USA

Absolutely fascinating

Ron, University of Oklahoma, USA

Sandra did a FANTASTIC job with our group. She gave plenty of details and interesting facts without being too overwhelming. Our group was big, but Sandra made everyone feel like we were being given a private tour for each person. I would definitely go on another tour with her!

Colin, University of Oklahoma, USA

Thank you very much for the tour, it was amazing, we learned so much from you.

Megan, Toronto

You're such a wonderful storyteller!

Julia, University of Oklahoma, USA

My family and I greatly enjoyed your tour this summer. We wished we had more time to spend in Cortona. We especially treasured your knowledge of art which helped us appreciate the many beautiful paintings you showed us in Cortona. We hope to visit Tuscany again in the near future and look forward to learning from you once again.

Thomas, New York, USA

The tour was awesome!

Charlotte, University of Oklahoma, USA

We would like to sincerely thank you again for the warm welcome and the great hospitality. We have enjoyed a lot our stay in Arezzo. The city tour and the food were outstanding.

Eren, Istanbul, Turkey

It was wonderful. You’re amazing and your English is excellent.

Anne, Washington D.C., USA

[...] you are a wonderful resource for an Arezzo tour. I remember so well the charming tour you gave my sisters and me two years ago.

Ellie, Norman, USA

Thank you, I really appreciated you came with us and took us on this tour, it was wonderful!

Kelly, University of Oklahoma, USA

Hi! I've included the picture in this email (sorry it's so late!). I wanted to thank you for the tour - it was really wonderful and I learned a lot from it. Molte grazie (is that right?)

Zoe, University of Toronto, Canada

You're amazing, everytime I'm learning new things from you! Thank you so much!

Dean, University of Oklahoma, USA

Are you on TripAdvisor? You would be so highly rated!

Trisha, University of Oklahoma, USA

 Your tour was such a memorable experience.

Robert, Phoenix, USA

You are great and you almost have no accent!

Susi, Denmark

Grazie mille, il gruppo è rimasto davvero estasiato dalla tua professionalità e preparazione! Tutti entusiasti! Ho dato alla Sig.ra Jo-Anne il tuo numero di telefono ed email in quanto tornerà ad Arezzo con il marito e vorrebbero prenotarti per un'altra visita guidata. Io ovviamente non manchero' di contattarti quando torneremo ad Arezzo.

Elena, x gruppo australiani, Sidney

[...] il capogruppo prima di andare via questa mattina mi ha ringraziata e mi ha detto “Sandra was wonderful”! Grazie ancora!

Alessia, per gruppo di Israele

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