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Cortona is a noble town of ancient origins which is situated on a commanding hill overlooking Lake Trasimeno.

It was one of the most important Etruscan cities and a place where art and culture dominated throughout the centuries. The 18th century, for example, saw the founding of the Etruscan Academy, a prestigious organization, famous all over Europe, which still nowadays encourages the development of art and archaeology.

Strolling over picturesque alleys and squares, you will feel being in the midst of an enchanted town, where time seems to have stopped, and you will discover countless treasures which remind of ancient splendours: royal Etruscan tombs, splendid medieval palaces, and unique art masterpieces such as the bright Annunciation by Fra Angelico and the magnificent paintings by Pietro da Cortona.

Cortona, beautiful location of  the American movie Under the Tuscan Sun, will fill you with unforgettable emotions.


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