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In this little corner of Tuscany you can actually feel its old and magnificent culture and you can still enjoy old customs and traditions.

guida turistica arezzo

This is the land where so many of our great scientists and famous artists were born - Michelangelo and Piero della Francesca, Masaccio and Giorgio Vasari.

Such extraordinary talent could only come from and develop on the land of Tuscany with its beautiful nature, its wonderful climate and delicious food, Tuscany which has always cared about its citizens’ welfare, even abolishing the death penalty and any kind of torture as long ago as November 1786, for the first time in history.

The pleasant and quiet Tuscan province of Arezzo has in fact been a “light to peoples [...] with the splendour” of its millennial history. It is rich in unspoiled treasures such as Arezzo, Cortona and Sansepolcro and many enchanted hamlets, such as Anghiari, Bibbiena, Poppi and Castiglion Fiorentino.

Come and visit Arezzo and its province, where in the ancient past the refined and elegant Etruscans lived and which, nowadays, is rich in impressive monuments reminding us of an ancient but still visible glory.

With my characteristic and contagious enthusiasm, I will guide you through new and unusual tours to let you discover all the hidden treasures of Arezzo and its land.

And I will be glad to tailor my tours to your needs in order to satisfy your curiosity!


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